Screen Shots

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Desktop on absolute64-20190131, with start menu open, as well as both window managers.

Both file managers open.. Spacefm on the left (right-clicking a device to remove it) and two ROX-Filer windows, one with medium icons, one with same files in a list display.

Why two file managers?
Because I use two.

They do things differently, both both do some things better than the other... It comes down to speed and flexibility.

Spacefm will show volumes in its left panel. You plug something in - it shows up there. (Uses udevil script -- no HAL or gvfs or even udisks2) It takes care of our desktop and background and generally does a good job at letting us tool around the filesystems.

Rox-Filer will open a very large directory, like /usr/bin, MUCH faster than Spacefm. Also, ROX is set to show thumbnail images (Spacefm is NOT.) In ROX, the one-click icon size increase acts like an image viewer for directories. You can also drag download links from your browser right into a ROX directory... it uses wget to do this for you.

Slackware with utilities...

The font management utility is shown above. Just makes dealing with fonts so much easier.

There are many little utilities in Absolute to make Slackware more friendly, but have more of a desktop disposition. More GUI-oriented. But still less going on in the background.