Nvidia users: Caution on kernel upgrades

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Nvidia users: Caution on kernel upgrades

Post by LarryDC »

One of the great things about Absolute are Paul's frequent kernel upgrades.

However be careful if you're lazy like me and just use Control Center - Software - Package Manager [type in your root password]
Then in Gslapt: Update - Mark all upgrades - Execute.

If you upgrade the kernel and have already applied the Nvidia driver to the actual kernel you are using, you've got a few more steps:
Make sure in addition to the kernel -huge-4.14...
you also upgrade the:
These must all be the same complete kernel number.

Start - Settings - Login Type - Text Based

Because on your NEXT BOOT you MUST rerun:
# sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.107.run ## Naturally the correct version for your graphics card

Then you'll be all set.

I can assure you that you do NOT want to mess this up:
I spent 3 days trying to fix up a messed graphics until I finally bit the bullet and asked Paul for help.

Now you WON'T have to go through that,
Distro dilettante (25 on 3 HD i5 8GB RAM w/ antiquated NVIDIA GeForce 210): Absolute for speed and fixing things. Michaels Duvan JWM, Sparky Testing JWM, Voidlinux JWM (musl for static compiling vfu), Obarun JWM [s6], Porteus xfce4 (faster than Absolute)
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