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20190105 snapshot

Posted: January 11th, 2019, 8:07 pm
by eznix
Thank you for the latest snapshot. I did a brief video on YT and had a couple of questions. First thing I noticed was the software selection. You have curated a terrific collection. Libreoffice was available and ran when started from the terminal, but no menu items. I know it's fairly straight-forward to add menu items to Icewm, but it would be nice for newer users to have them.

Also noticed the inclusion of cdrkit (as opposed to cdrtools) - is this something I can easily swap out without breaking something else? Since xfburn is installed and relies on libburn and libisofs, is there something that relies on cdrkit? cdrtools is currently, and has been continuously, maintained and works far more reliably than cdrkit. Thanks.