File manager/ Desktop updates

Update announcements for the x64 current version of Absolute Linux
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File manager/ Desktop updates

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I updated ROX-Filer (arox on Absolute).
Uses pinboard for Desktop, put back
in drag-n-drop to "SendTo" and set icons.
(Because it really doesn't use XDG)

Changes to icewm include 2 major startup ones in startup.
qtfm-t5ray is out,
arox pinboard is in:

#if [ -x /usr/bin/qtfm-tray ]; then
# /usr/bin/qtfm-tray 2>/dev/null&
if [ -x /usr/libexec/arox/arox ]; then
/usr/libexec/arox/arox --pinboard Default

idesk is also gone,
udsikie is in:

if [ -x /usr/bin/udiskie ]; then
udiskie -a -s -n -c "/etc/udiskie.yml" &

You can look in the new icewm package to see the startup file.

I did not pull qtfm or idesk from distro yet.
Folks doing rolling updates would have a bit of a shock until they
change their icewm startup file, so I will leave them around for a
few weeks and then make a new release.
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