Updates 05/09/2021 - 2

Update announcements for the x64 current version of Absolute Linux
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Updates 05/09/2021 - 2

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Working on the jpeg-xl support....
Everything is working EXCEPT for alpha support in the GIMP plugin for jxl files.
JXL works with the glib plugin,
shows up in arox thumbnails (the rox-filer file manager)
converts via imagemagick -- uses scripts to give conversion option
in both spacefm and arox (png2jxl and jpg2jxl)
Default viewer for jxl set to gthumb

Also recently updated file handling for office formats.
(Basically "tightening up" file handling :-)

Candid Note:
I use arox (he rox-filer deriv) as a thumbnail viewer,
it gives me near infinite ability to throw options in for any image type --
and I use them to manipulate images in my clipart site.
I know some follks won't have any use for the particular manipulations I do
(like jpg2pdf -- in a very specific size)
such manipulations are the reason I use Linux,
so they go into the distro :-)

Sunday, 05/09/2021


Added jxl to mimetypes.
Be aware that transparency in jxl files is not being handled
by GIMP plugin pproperely at the moment.

gthumb views jxl files by default.
Set in /usr/share/applications/mimeapps.list

Linked convertors for png and jpeg to jpeg-xl
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