Screen Shots

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  • Desktop and start menu on Absolute-13.1.42,
    with control panel, K3B (burner), OpenOffice (Doc),
    SMPlayer (video) and XMMS (audio) open

  • File managers

    Both Pcmanfm and Rox-Filer open.
    (Green lines indicate where you can use one file manager to open the other.)

    Why two file managers?
    Because I use two.

    They do things differently,
    both both do some things better than the other...
    It comes down to speed and flexibility.

    Drag-N-Drop (between windows):

    [Pcman -> Pcman] on same drive moves file.
    [Pcman -> Rox] (or Rox -> Pcman) on same drive copies file.
    [Rox -> Rox] on same directory also asks if you want to move,
    copy or symlink (both hard and soft)


    Pcmanfm will show volumes in its left panel. You plug something in - it shows up there. it takes care of our desktop and background and generally does a good job at letting us tool around the filesystems.

    Rox-Filer will open a very large directory, like /usr/bin, MUCH faster than Pcmanfm. Also, ROX is set to show thumbnail images (Pcmanfm is NOT.) In ROX, the one-click icon size increase acts like an image viewer for directories. (See below.)

    And to highlight the simplified pcmanfm toolbar:

  • Other Screenshots

    XMMS (MP3, ogg, flac, CD-ROM Player)
    and Time-Setting utility
    (time set available when right-click taskbar clock)

    Choose default browser
    available from control panel > networking > browser
    Base install gives choice of Midori and mozilla-firefox
    Real slow machines can use Midori which is quite lightweight

    Multimedia Installer
    if you are OK to use the extra codecs . . .
    Available from control panel if running as root user.
    Usually taken care of right after installing Absolute.
    Codecs are downloaded and libraries (including ffmpeg) are compiled right on your machine. On AVERAGE this process takes about 1/2 hour.