07.04/2018 - Snapshot Released

Update announcements for the x64 current version of Absolute Linux
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07.04/2018 - Snapshot Released

Post by psherma1 » July 4th, 2018, 4:57 pm

absolute64-20180704 Snapshot released

available on sourceforge, and both the US and UK repositories.
FTP on US site up and running,
(so no more problems with the multimedia installer.)

See the download page for details.

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Re: 07.04/2018 - Snapshot Released

Post by afoanu » July 14th, 2018, 12:53 pm


During the install of the latest snapshot, there was an error from bash, complaining about /sbin/lilo not being present, but it did not seem to affect the install.

Right after the install, there are extra files created on /:

1) a file

Code: Select all

, owned by root, and containing a copy of the default icewm menu.
2) a directory

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, containing 1 file,

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, which contains the list of system fonts.

These "extras" were also created by the previous snapshot. They may be more a form than function issue, though.


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