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    A font viewer and graphic utility for Linux
    by Paul Sherman
    License: GPLv3
    FONTpage is a pyGTK application with which you can:
    * View truetype fonts on a system using fontconfig. 
    * Change font face, size, foregound and background 
      color while viewing the fonts.
    * Save a snapshot of your view to a png image. 
    * Install and delete fonts for the current user.
    * If root, you can also install and delete fonts system-wide.
    * "Display Font" opens a separate popup window with 
       upper and lower case alphabet and 0-9. Multiple windows 
       can be opened to compare font faces.
    	Simple way to manage installed fonts.
    	Handy to view fonts and styles quickly or to 
    	make "logo" graphics for use in web pages.
    See the INSTALL file for instructions and software requirements.

FONTpage running with about box and font "display" open.


Installation should be simple, as there is nothing to compile.
The program is a stand-alone python script.

FONTpage was written and tested using:

Might work with older versions, no guarantees.

1) A source package

	a.) If requirements are met, 
	    decompress the FONTpage_src-x.x.bz2
		Place somewhere in your path.
		(As an example, /usr/local/bin)
     	b.)Start the script by running ""

2) Slackware Package

	  a.)Install Package



	Tuesday, 09/14/2010
		* version 3.0
		* Allows system wide font install/removal for root user.
		* Fixed text-colors on buttons problem, which was due to 
		  changes in setting background colors in newer versions 
		  of pyGTK.
		* Added an about page popup with link to Absolute site.
		* Cleared up all other deprecation warnings re tooltips, etc.
    Sunday, 11/15/2009
		* version 2.5
		* Severalk undocumented tweaks culminating in translations 
		  by GALPon MiniNo Developers Team.

    Saturday, 07/15/2006
		* version 2.0
        * New "Display Font" feature opens popup window with 
	  	  complete alphabet (upper and lower case) and 0-9.
	 	  Window shows current font with current size -- use 
          multiple windows to compare different fonts.
		* Font size now scales up to 256 pts (was 128)
		* Config file will now track last window dimensions 
          when the application is restarted.
        * If user font directory directory (~/.fonts) does not exist, 
          FONTpage will create one. This is to facilitate installing 
          and deleting fonts, which FONTpage will only do on a per-user 
          basis. (This is to avoid problems.)

    Sunday, 01/22/2006
		* version 1.0
    	* running creates ".fontpage" configuration file that
	  	saves values between sessions for font size, color,
	  	background color, font name, last directory an image was
	  	saved in, last directory a font was installed from...
		* tweaked graphics
		* cleaned up old code

    Thursday, 01/19/2006
		* version 0.89
        * Keeps custom text after changing fonts
	  	  (Had previosly returned to displaying the font name)

    Tuesday, 01/17/2006
		* version 0.8
    	* Foreground and Background color dialogs now open
	  	with the currently used color
		* python script now all lowercase -- ""

    Monday, 01/09/2006
	    * version 0.7
        * corrected bug in save dialog for creating images
          that failed if GTK < 2.8.

    Wednesday, 10/26/2005
	    * version 0.6
        * corrected startup error on some machines that 
          reported fontconfig missing when it was not
        * Gui tweaks to make labels fit correctly on other systems
        * Created binary and tested on Ubuntu-5.10

    Monday, 10/17/2005
	version 0.5

	Saves last-saved directory in memory so, if you
	are making a number of images and saving them,
	you don't have to keep digging for the same 
	directory in the save dialog. 
	Gave up making cx-frozen binaries. See my web
	pages for details of my undignified retreat :(

    Saturday, 10/15/2005
        version 0.4
         Bug Fix:
         Mistakenly injected a cairo-related dependency
         on previous version. I had started playing with
         Cairo on 2.8 GTK for an SVG viewer/convertor I'm
         making and, well... oops.

    Thursday, 10/06/2005
	version 0.3

	added save dialog
	will prompt user for location/name to save image 
	rather than just saving to home directory with the 
	"current text".png -- although the dialog 
	defaults to those values. 

	Dependency change.
	Moved to GTK-2.8 series. (See install for details)
	Use the binary if you have older versions
	and don't want to upgrade at this time.

    Tuesday, 08/30/2005

        version 0.2
	Added install/remove font dialogs:
	Choosing to install a font will:
	1] Test if file is a truetype font
	2] Make new file lower case, no spaces
	3] Copy font into user's home .font directory
	4] run 'fc-cache' on that folder
	5] Display the font with your current FONTpage settings
	Removal will delete the copy made to ~/.fonts,
	re-run fc-cache on that dir and update FONTpage
	Good way to check a downloaded font with all
	the different sizes/colors, then keep for general
	use or dump if disenchanted :)

    Thursday, 08/25/2005
        version 0.1
	    Initial Release


Source Package (31k):
MD5SUM 1a4c6aa7862b458ea83eab6c5715e7af

Slackware Package (29k):
MD5SUM 2f62f8e18454c24dbf4f898e2d62a1c3